"A baby is a little bit of heaven on earth." ~ Author Unknown



Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
A Precious Gift of Love
I found Pastor Pam through an online search and immediately upon speaking to Pastor Pam on the phone; I knew instantly that she was the perfect person for my daughter's christening ceremony. My husband is Jewish and I am Christian so I asked Pastor Pam to weave some Jewish traditions into the Christian ceremony. While she had never performed a Christian Jewish ceremony, Pastor Pam researched and blended a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony that was personalized for our daughter. I highly recommend Pastor Pam for all your Baby Christening wishes as my entire family was so pleased with the warm and lovely christening ceremony. I am so thankful to have found Pastor Pam as I will be contacting her for all of our future needs.


Baby Tessa

Baby Alexia

Petals of Blessings

Anointing With Oil

Water Ceremony


Baby Jackson



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