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~ Pam Powers Moore ~

Licensed, Church Ordained Non-Denominational Minister

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"And these things remain: Faith, Hope and Love, but

the greatest of these is love". ~ 1 Cor. 13:13


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Other East Coast States 

EMail: FaithAglow@aol.com 


WeddingWire Pam Powers
                                             Moore Reviews, Best Wedding Officiants in Charleston  - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner

What People Are Saying:
"Pam's warmth and humor are two of the qualities I first noticed about her. Her compassion for working with women to bring them closer to God can easily be seen as she shares how God has worked in her own life. In addition to her speaking ministry, Pam also is a very talented musician with several CDs that speak to the artistic side of her audiences. She has a great ability to connect with women and is not ashamed to use the difficulties she has experienced to help someone else fight the same battles. Pam is a leader of women and speaks Biblical truth in a kind and caring way.  With her musical talents and her polished speaking style, Pam is a complete package for any woman's meeting". Maye Hayes Jepson ~ Women's Ministry Leader and Retreat Speaker



"Teach with your life, by

your word, demeanor,

 love, faith and integrity".

1 Timothy 4:12


"5 Stars is just not enough.  It is said that God puts people in our path for a reason.  And there most definitely was a reason Pam was put into our path.  We went through a few dilemmas in finding the perfect officiant for our wedding.  After the sudden death of a family friend who originally was to perform our ceremony and two other officiants backed out due to scheduling conflicts, we were lost.  I was more than hesitant to begin my search online. How were we going to choose from the many listings of officiants we didn't know, and who did not know us????  As I surfed through listing after listing, and website after website, I found myself repeatedly drawn back to Pam's information.  First an email, then a phone conversation.  I immediately felt as comfortable as could be with Pam.  We didn't want a "cookie cutter" wedding just like any other.  We were doing a lot of DIY's and putting our own style into our wedding.  Pam gave us several wonderful ideas that just suited us and matched perfectly with our vision of what we wanted our wedding to be.  We chose to include a dove release and wine box ceremony.  With Pam's help we were able to create the perfect wedding.  Pam Powers Moore was the perfect officiant for us.  We loved every aspect of our ceremony and will cherish those moments for as long as we live.  Every guest has told us just how beautiful, creative and unique they thought our ceremony was and what a wonderful job Pam did.  From the laughter we shared to the tears we shed, it was a priceless memory we will hold dearly forever."  Terri and Thane ~ Marietta, Ohio

"Pam is exceptional. We can happily say she was the best part of our day. There are so many ways to express how wonderful she is, but I think the best way is to share what the guests at our wedding said about the ceremony. * I thought our ceremony was the best - but this ceremony out did it!" * Your wedding ceremony was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. * It was the most touching wedding ceremony I have ever been to, * I have never been to a more wonderful ceremony. It was touching, it was meaningful, and I will never forget it! * It was the best - it was the most unique - it was the coolest ceremony I have ever seen (we heard this statement or a version of this statement a lot)! I had many guests ask if Pam was a lifelong friend of ours because the ceremony was so personal that people thought we had known each other prior! Not only did Pam provide a beautifully written ceremony, but she was so genuine. She wanted to hear the stories about us and our family. She wanted to meet all of our loved ones. She wanted to be a part of our day in every way she could. We highly recommend Pam. I can safely say that she provided us with a ceremony that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We appreciate her more than words can express."  Kate and Joe ~ Eighty-Four, PA



'My husband and I were fortunate to have Pam Powers Moore officiate our May 2012 wedding. After our initial phone conversation with Pam we knew she was a perfect fit for us. Pam took the time to get to know our personalities and what we envisioned for the ceremony. She then wrote a draft and asked for our feedback. She did such a good job that we had few revisions. As we requested, Pam’s ceremony reflected our religious beliefs but was not “preachy.” She focused on the importance of love and marriage and being good to one another. Not only were my husband and I happy, but several guests commented on how beautiful Pam’s ceremony was. On top of that Pam is an incredibly sweet, caring person. We could not have asked for anything more and full-heartedly recommend Pam Powers Moore as a wedding officiant."  Traci and James ~ Alexandria, Virginia


"Procrastination has no limits for us.  When we booked Pam, we did not give her much time to write a ceremony.  However, she worked with us nearly daily to come up with a ceremony that was spectacular.  We are spiritual, but not particularly religious, and Pam was able to sum up our views on marriage and life perfectly.  Our guests were so impressed that the married couples were asking where we found her and my husband's grandfather was asking whether she was married.  Pam is incredibly compassionate and easy to talk to.  Having her as our minister (and now as our friend) was easily one of the best decisions we made for such an important day."  Kristen and Marc ~ Elkins, WV

Message From Pam:
I am passionate about love and marriage and I am passionate about what I do. It would be my sincere honor to write a ceremony for you that captures, in words, your story of love as only your hearts can tell it. Your ceremony will be written with YOU in mind and will be a direct reflection of you, your personalities and the love that makes you the wonderful couple you are.  I look forward to the possibility of working with you and will not be happy until your ceremony is absolutely "perfect".  Give me a call and let's talk about what perfection looks like to you.



"Listen for God's song of love in your heart... Find the melody, and dance to the music".



Background Music:  "So Much To Thank Him For" as recorded by Pam Powers Moore on her CD Walkin' With My Lord, Written by Robert Deel, Peaceful Stream Music, BMI.  Feel free to check out our Bookstore for Complete Ordering Information on this and other of Pam's CDs and book selections.  Take care and above all.... Be Blessed!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Falling In Love With God
We had our family reunion this weekend and as part of that we always hold a family church service on Sunday morning. I've been thinking about a comment one of my cousins made at the close of the service yesterday, wherein she indicated that having relationship with God is like falling in love. No one can explain the feelings that come over us when we become aware of God's pres...ence in our lives but we know it's wonderful and we want more of it. And, just as it is when we love, we all express our feelings differently. For some, it's a verbal, eloquent expression and for others it's a deep inner feeling that you just can't seem to put words to, but its existence is so real you know you wouldn't be the same without it. Whether we are "in love" with another person or "in love" with God, it's all about relationship and the closeness we feel in their presence. The more we are around them, the more we want to be around them, and it is the same with God. Spending time with God is more than just sending up requests to a Heavenly Daddy who we hope will supply everything we ask for. It's a time of fellowship, a closeness, a feeling of oneness with the very same one who wants to spend time with us. God created us, He loves us, and just like we long to spend time with our own children, God longs to spend time with us. Love Him, adore Him, and thank Him for all the blessings He bestows upon your life and if you don't happen to worship Him in the same manner as someone else, don't worry about it. That's why it's called a "Personal" relationship. Get to know God on a first name basis and fall in love with everything He stands for. Worship Him in your own way and as you feel His love pour out upon you, you will find a sense of peace like you've never known before. Your life will be richer, your heart will be filled to capacity and just when you think that you couldn't possibly love Him more, guess what... You'll realize that you do. ~ Pam Powers Moore
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Encouraging Scriptures
Do you have a favorite scripture that makes your heart skip a beat, or gets you through tough times? If so, please share it here, perhaps it will encourage someone.
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

There is so much dissention in the world today and whether it be between co-workers, friends or families, it is a disheartening thing when people just can't seem to get along. The most disturbing though is when you find dissention among church people. People fuss over the way things should be done and heaven forbid that the pastor say something that steps on their toes. Some ...people tend to think that certain denominations are better than others and if you happen to be non-denominational, there are those that frown on that, too. Too many people find too many things to complain about instead of focusing on what God called us to do in the first place. We may not agree with those around us and we may have a completely different way of doing things but it's time we as a people put aside all the things we disagree about, lay to rest the differences of opinions and theology and get back to the business of God, the business of LOVE. ~ Pam Powers Moore
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Do You Hesitate to Pray Because You Don't Know What to Say?

Sometimes people hesitate to pray because they are afraid of “messing it up”. They have the impression that prayer is a glorified form of communication where every word needs to be perfect, spoken eloquently to a God who is pleased only with correct, proper language. The good news is that prayer doesn’t have to be glorified, it doesn’t have to be eloquent, it doesn’t have to be flowery and it doesn’t need to be something that others would stand in awe of. What it does need to be is “Real”. Prayer is meant to be a loving conversation between you and God; no more, no less. A simple thought or word can be a prayer and even the mention of His name is a prayer that He lovingly hears and accepts. Many times a thought has hit me as I listened to a song on the radio and I said “Thank you God”. Or, when driving down the road I come upon a near accident and whisper the name “Jesus”. If you don’t know how to pray or are not sure how to even start, I challenge you to begin with small sentence prayers. You don’t need to be scared or intimidated to speak to God, you just need to open your heart and let its contents pour out, just like you would with your earthly father or very best friend. As you become comfortable speaking with Him, it will be like talking with someone who you have known all your life because in reality, He has known you all of yours. You will begin to build relationship and as you do, you’ll find that you want to talk with Him more and more. The words will flow easily and you can pour your heart out in a way that comes naturally. You will also feel better afterwards because you will know in your heart that He heard and truly cares. You will have peace because you have the assurance the conversation was only between you and Him and it will never go any further. Prayer is a direct link from your heart to His and He’s always willing to listen. Best of all, you have the assurance that He takes you seriously and truly has your back. He loves you every minute of every day, not because of what you do, but just because of who you are. He will never judge you or make you feel like you are unworthy of His time. He loves you despite your flaws and imperfections and He loves you regardless of how many times you mess up. He is there 24-7 and He will always hear you when you cry out to Him. He is your nearest, dearest friend and he’s only a conversation away. Have a little talk with Him today. You'll be glad you did. ~ Pam Powers Moore

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