Our Story

 A Circle of Strength and Love



Sweet Song Ministries is a Non-Denominational Church and Ministerial Outreach that started as a dream but has since evolved into so much more. Pam Powers Moore founded Sweet Song Ministries in 2008 as a way of giving back. She wanted to provide a worship atmosphere where believers could enjoy the presence of the Lord and the fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ. She also wanted to encourage others by telling of the difference faith has made in her life, and the effect it can have on theirs. Her greatest desire is to share the love of God; and as she works to reach others with the message of Salvation, she stresses the importance of a personal one-on-one relationship with Christ through the Holy Spirit. This message is not limited to her congregation or regular Sunday morning worship services; it is reflected in her daily life. As she works to meet the spiritual and physical needs of her community, she is often called upon to speak and sing at social and civic events. She is caring, professional and confident in her approach and never hesitates to go the extra mile to accomplish her mission. Her dedication and unselfish commitment to this calling is astounding as she allows God to use her to touch and transform the lives of others.


Sweet Song Ministries primarily focuses on FAMILY and the gift God gives us through the lives of those closest to us. It is a Ministry of HEART, a Ministry of SHARING and more importantly, a Ministry of LOVE. Our home office is located at Heaven's Grace, just outside Buckhannon, West Virginia and we are a Full Gospel Ministry.


The truly special thing about Sweet Song Ministries is that it is far-reaching and is not confined to one specific area. The message of God's love is extended to the community at large through Sweet Song Ministries' website, social media, seminars, conferences and vocal presentations.


At Sweet Song Ministries we focus on Relationship, not Religion and our goal is to let God's love flow through us to the hearts of others. We all get busy in our day to day lives, but there is just something about sitting at the feet of Jesus and listening for His still small voice that can start the day off right and get us going in the right direction


Pam is actively involved in all aspects of the ministry and is authorized to perform all sacred duties in connection with her calling. She was Ordained and Licensed in 2008 and is supported and encouraged by the Pastor and congregation of her local Church and others with whom she has been privileged to serve. God has nurtured and developed Sweet Song Ministries into a vibrant Church and Ministerial Outreach and the direction He has taken it is astounding.  Pam puts her heart and soul into each aspect of the ministry and as she lets God's love flow through her to others, His powerful presence is more than evident. 


Thank you for allowing us to share our story. Please let us know if we can be of service and we look forward to working with you at some time in the future.

Until then...


Take care, Keep Smilin' and Above All...


Be Blessed!

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